Monday, April 4, 2011

tXtBlocker: Most effective anti-texting product according to consumer reports

ORLANDO, USA: United Efficiency Inc., developers of tXtBlocker, announced that Consumer Reports rated tXtBlocker as the most effective anti-texting product among all competing products they’ve tested. The glowing accolade by Consumer Reports was part of an industry-wide article in their April 2011 issue, entitled “Driving distracted,” found on pages 22 through 25.

TXtBlocker is the leading cell phone driving-safety service which stops texting while driving and allows owners to control when, where and how their phones are used. With a simple download, parents, employers and organizations can keep their loved ones and others safe on the road. This positive industry review of txtBlocker from one of the world’s leading authorities on consumer-related products is yet another distinction for the service, which enjoys high customer satisfaction and partnerships with some of the most-respected carrier and retail brands, including AT&T and Best Buy.

“Consumer Reports' statement that txtBlocker is the most effective anti-texting product they’ve tested is flattering, and highlights the ease-of-use and added functionality of our product amongst competing solutions,” said Stan Van Meter, president of United Efficiency, Inc.

tXtBlocker is launching a Distracted Driving Awareness Contest during Distracted Driving Month. The contest will run from April 5 to April 29, and tXtBlocker will give away a free year of tXtBlocker service to individuals who are the first to correctly answer trivia questions about the eye-opening statistics on the dangers of distracted driving. A grand prize of an iPad 2 will be given to one lucky participant at the end of the contest.

What is txtBlocker?
tXtBlocker ends dangerous cell phone use on the road using a smart phone’s GPS. It also sends an automatic message to incoming text and calls, letting callers know it is unsafe to send a text or answer a call and you will reply when able. Customers can also locate their phones anytime and create their own No-Cell Zones around schools or offices with the service.

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