Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aerius smart phone design from China

LAS VEGAS, USA: Aerius International Inc. showed photos today of an Aerius smart phone design from its manufacturer in China that also makes phones for Motorola, HTC, and others. "We like the design," said Bill Luxon, Aerius CEO.Aerius smart phone features include a LogoLens that lights a carrier logo when phone is on, touch screen, GPS, Edge, WiFi, music and video player, and camera, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and earphone, and gravity sensors that can change display screen from horizontal to vertical.

Aerius won a 2009 Frost & Sullivan Green Technology in Wireless Technologies Award because Aerius phones increase battery life 2 to 4 hours, reduce dropped calls 60%, and major use of Aerius phones can reduce CO2 emissions 1.2 million tons a year just in the US.

FCC tests also show Aerius reduces the specific absorption rate of handset power loss into users, or SAR, 99.4 percent.

Buyers with major carriers and retailers say, "If you put two phones side by side, they have similar features and one delivers 2 to 4 more hours of battery life and eliminates radiation absorption into users, it's a no-brainer which one consumers will buy."

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