Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wilson Electronics signal boosters help bring cellular signal inside new airport

ST. GEORGE, USA: Travelers, airline employees and anyone visiting St. George’s new municipal airport can now use their cellular devices for voice and data due to the installation of signal boosters made by Wilson Electronics.

The $160 million airport opened to commercial flights Jan. 13, about five miles southwest of the city near the Utah-Arizona line. Before the project broke ground more than three years ago, the 1,250-acre site was sage-covered range land, with no residences, businesses or paved roads nearby.

The formerly empty site had weak cellular signal coverage at best, a fact that was apparent to workers while the new 35,000-square-foot terminal building was under construction. Additionally, the already weak signal was reduced to an unusable level when you entered the terminal.

To remedy the lack of coverage, Wilson Electronics and a team from St. George-based Wilkinson Electric installed a signal booster system, specifically using Wilson’s newest and most powerful booster, the AG Pro 75. The system provides a signal strong enough to support all passengers traveling through the airport.

“We're grateful to all of the local companies who helped to make the grand opening of the new St. George Municipal Airport a success,” said Marc Mortensen, assistant city manager for St. George. “Thanks to Wilson Electronics, airport patrons will be able to stay connected on their cell phones whether they're arriving or departing."

“The system installation at the new airport passenger terminal is a perfect demonstration of how Wilson’s boosters are designed to provide strong cellular coverage, even inside large structures in areas of very weak signal,” said Joe Banos, COO of Wilson Electronics. “As a former Air Force and current private pilot, it’s great that Wilson was able to play a role in this major project right in our own backyard.”

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