Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sybase extends global mobile IP connectivity between RIM's Blackberry infrastructure and mobile operators

BANGALORE, INDIA: Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc., the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, has announced the availability of its comprehensive suite of IPX (IP eXchange) services for RIM’s BlackBerry infrastructure.

Sybase 365 provides connectivity between RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure and mobile operators around the world using the secure private Sybase IPX 365 network. The global service gives mobile operators a scalable, reliable and cost-efficient solution for connecting to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

The Sybase IPX 365 network is designed to serve both fixed and mobile network operators with the premium quality of service and security required in the conversion to IP networks. The full suite of IPX 365 services includes global data roaming (GRX), SMS and MMS messaging hubs, IPX Voice and roaming signalling —all run over a leading, high quality Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

“With the proliferation of smartphones worldwide, connectivity is a key service for mobile operators, who historically had to connect their customers using international private circuits or through a secure tunnel over the public internet,” said Howard Stevens, senior vice president, International Operations, Sybase 365. “By hosting connectivity to RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure through an IPX network, which is vastly superior to the public internet, the service is more scalable and efficient.”

Operator benefits of Sybase IPX service for connecting to RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure include:
Service quality and availability – Sybase IPX 365 network is engineered for high performance and resiliency. Contrary to private line circuits, if there is a fault anywhere in the network, it will simply result in packets being rerouted without loss of service. And unlike the Public Internet, performance parameters for packet loss and latency are guaranteed.

Security – Sybase IPX 365 network is completely isolated from the Public Internet, providing a highly secure environment, designed and managed according to best industry practice.

Scalability – Sybase’s solution for connecting to RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure is highly scalable. Mobile operators can easily upgrade the bandwidth within the capacity of the port at which they are connected to the Sybase IPX 365 network.

Cost efficiency – Connectivity to RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure is provided as a separate VPN over the Sybase IPX 365 network, in addition to the other IPX services including Sybase GRX 365, Sybase IPX Voice and Roaming Signalling. This means a cost-efficient use of network connectivity.

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