Monday, February 28, 2011

ConnectSoft launches Qwarq developer program

Game Developers Conference 2011, SAN FRANCISCO, USA: ConnectSoft, Inc., a leading provider of wireless software for PC’s, smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices, launched its Qwarq Developer Program and SDK for third party ISVs.

Qwarq enables games and mobile applications to easily and securely connect, share and play using wireless peer-to-peer technology including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct without the need for a hotspot, cellular data service or cloud-based connection.

“As a recognized developer of multiplayer casual games, we wanted to add peer-to-peer features and gameplay to our applications,” said Lars Jolstad, CEO at EasyBits Media. “With Qwarq, local users can easily find each other, connect and enjoy our EasyBits games anytime, anywhere using free, local, and efficient wireless PAN connections.”

Qwarq is a wireless platform for developers to quickly integrate peer-to-peer capabilities into their mobile applications on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms using a standard API. Qwarq handles the “heavy lifting” including device and service discovery, security, identity, and transport regardless of wireless radio technology, vendor, driver stack, or protocol, allowing developers to focus on their application features and content instead.

“Until now, trying to program for a direct wireless connection has been difficult and time consuming,” said Konstantinos Prouskas, CEO of InterAction Studios. “Using the Qwarq SDK, we easily added PAN support to our popular multiplayer Chicken Invaders game in just a few hours.”

The Qwarq SDK includes a common API service layer in C/C++, Flash, Java or .NET on Windows along with documentation, sample code, and the Qwarq platform binaries. Use of the Qwarq SDK is royalty free for registered members of the Qwarq Developers Program and includes access to support tools and the Qwarq development community.

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