Wednesday, November 17, 2010

StarChip SIM controllers bring breakthroughs in performance and cost savings

MEYREUIL, FRANCE: StarChip has announced a breakthrough generation of ultra low cost yet powerful 32bit SIM controllers for Mobile Communication and M2M applications.

The SCF family is based on Cortus APS3s enabling 25Mips@25MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures and offering advanced low power modes. It is fully flash-based, code and data with SST SuperFlash, robust data retention (>25years) and enhanced by E3 (ECUBE) proprietary mechanisms. In addition SCM family (derivative M2M controllers) features a robust design suitable for harsh environments from -40°C to +105°C.

To pursue its strategy “Innovate to drive cost down”, StarChip designed:

* E3 (ECUBE) Enhanced Endurance Engine delivering a powerful combination of flexibility and best-in-class endurance, supporting up to 2 billion cycles which robust endurance for SIM and M2M applications.

* TurboSecure uploading system to accelerate and secure software uploading in mass production environments.

* SecureLifecycle management technology enables our customers to unlock the benefits of low cost foundries, offshore manufacturing, without compromising on IP security.

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