Friday, November 12, 2010

Internet2 to deploy first 100 Gigabit Ethernet research network

ANN ARBOR, USA: Internet2 will begin deployment of a new, nationwide 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network that, once complete, will be one of the most sophisticated research and education network platforms ever built.

The network will not only meet the current and future needs of the US research and higher education community, but will also extend new capabilities to community anchor institutions nationwide.

In its creation of the world's first 100 GigE nationwide research network, Internet2 is extending its long-standing partnership with Juniper Networks and plans to incorporate the company's innovative 100 Gigabit per second (Gbps) core router technology across the entire backbone to increase the resiliency and core capacity of the network while achieving maximum operational and power efficiencies.
As part of its recently awarded federal stimulus grant from the National

Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Internet2 is creating a nationwide high-capacity network that will enable advanced networking features for more than 200,000 essential community anchor institutions.

This advanced, coast-to-coast network infrastructure will support the connection of community anchors—schools, libraries, community colleges, health centers and public safety organizations—to enable advanced uses of the network such as distance learning and telemedicine applications not possible using today's typical Internet service.

Just as importantly, the new network will have the capabilities needed to meet the emerging bandwidth demands of the research community especially as US participation in large scale globally distributed science experiments like the Large Hadron Collider continues to rapidly grow.

"Internet2 plays an important role in connecting community anchor institutions around the nation to advance research and education and to encourage the adoption of next-generation Internet applications," said Rob Vietzke, Internet2 executive director of network services.

"This can only be achieved through a robust network that can support high-bandwidth applications in large-scale scientific research, as well as telemedicine, public safety and distance education. As we build the first 100 Gig research network, our partnership with Juniper Networks is critical to delivering on this promise."

Juniper Networks T1600 Core Routers, equipped with their 100 GigE interface cards, will enable Internet2 to provide state-of–the-art networking based on IPv6 and multicast services, including the capacity and connection speeds required by high-bandwidth, rich media applications in a growing number of research and education disciplines.

In addition, Internet2 will leverage the investment protection and operational continuity Juniper Network provides through its T Series routers, allowing for easier upgrades and enabling the scaling of network capabilities both now and in the future.

"As the provider of the industry's only shipping standards-based IP/MPLS 100 GE interfaces, we're proud to be playing a key role in Internet2's deployment of the world's first 100 GE research network," said Stefan Dyckerhoff, executive vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Products Group, Juniper Networks.

"A network of this magnitude can only succeed on a platform that is built for the future, and Juniper's T Series Core Routers can provide the total system densities, operating system reliability and operational efficiencies needed to support these high-bandwidth applications."

In the coming weeks, Internet2 will announce a 100 GigE optical transport equipment provider partner and will begin deployment on a region-by-region basis. Internet2 expects to complete deployment of this new network in 2013.

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