Monday, November 29, 2010

Epsilon launches DREAMmail productivity app for iPad

MUMBAI, INDIA: Epsilon, the industry’s leading marketing services firm, recently launched DREAMmail for iPad.

Following on from the company’s first mobile solution for business email marketers that was developed for the iPhone earlier this year, DREAMmail for iPad provides marketers with even more capabilities to manage their marketing campaigns on the road.

This latest release for the iPad delivers on Epsilon’s strategy to drive innovative marketing solutions and applications that provide marketers with greater freedom and flexibility.

Currently available in Asia Pacific, where the need for mobility and the lines between work and personal life often meld, DREAMmail for iPad enables users to enjoy building, trafficking and monitoring email campaigns anytime, anywhere with a WiFi or 3G connection. It not only provides on-the-road marketers with the ability to download email campaign data and templates, but also to efficiently review, edit and monitor campaigns.

“We designed DREAMmail for iPad with today’s increasingly mobile and device-savvy marketers in mind.” said Dominic Powers, senior VP, Asia Pacific, Epsilon International. “By giving users the ability to manage a campaign on the go, or to tap into their report data while at home, we hope to not only give marketers more flexibility, but also to empower them with real-time access to information that drive decisions around their customer communications.”

DREAMmail for iPad supports multiple languages including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Western European languages and other UTF-8 character sets, the most commonly used language set denominator, providing users with the ability to import and export messages in the language layout that best suits their needs.

Like its sister application DREAMmail for iPhone the user interface is also available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Epsilon plans to extend the availability of DREAMmail for iPad to other regions soon. Future releases will also enhance capabilities with a complete mailing list filter manager.

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