Wednesday, November 10, 2010

EXFO launches FOT-5200 CWDM channel analyzer handheld test solution for CWDM networks

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA: EXFO Inc. has launched the FOT-5200 CWDM Channel Analyzer, a new channel analyzer for CWDM networks.

The new FOT-5200 is the fastest and smallest tester on the market for the installation, maintenance and repair of any CWDM network, and is specifically suited for mobile backhaul activation for telcos and cable TV operators.

With the ever-increasing challenge in meeting demand on bandwidth and network congestion, multiple-service operators (MSO) need visibility in wavelength power and allocation to find the cause of possible transmission problems not related to the physical media, and as a result spend more of their valuable time in resolving this issue.

Further, there is an exponential growth in the mobile backhaul market and increase in CWDM deployments, which allows for flexibility in terms of network planning and installation while preserving scalability to handle far higher data transmission volumes as bandwidth needs expand.

Coupled with usability and speed enhancements, the FOT-5200 drastically increases the field technicians' day-to-day efficiency for network testing and activation. Ideal for mass CWDM deployments, this low-cost optical spectrum analyzer alternative delivers a highly sophisticated all-in-one tool kit with an integrated broadband power meter and loss tester—but without a complicated interface.

To the contrary, the FOT-5200 provides plug-and-play usability, displaying accurate results in bar graphs and tables. In addition, it allows users to easily save and download data through USB connection. All this, in the smallest and fastest device the industry has to offer.

The FOT-5200 is almost half the weight of its closest competitor, has three times less volume and can conduct accurate testing in a remarkable 5 seconds, which is ten times faster than the industry average, proving significant advantages in terms of size and testing speed.

"Our industry-leading optical test solutions continue to evolve to address the growing needs of our customers, as there is a significant market demand from multiple-service operators for increased speed and decreased size in portable optical test equipment. The FOT-5200 CWDM Channel Analyzer is the answer to this concern," said √Čtienne Gagnon, EXFO's VP—Wireline Division and Corporate Marketing.

"The FOT-5200 is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use test device which translates into a clear cost-effective benefit for MSOs and any CWDM network."

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