Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CMAI presents budget recommendations

NEW DELHI, INDIA: CMAI, as an apex integrated Association in for Telecom, Multimedia and IT Sector having all stake holders as its members and MOU partners and representatives all over the world, believes in facilitating an inclusive growth of the Communication, Multimedia and IT sector in India.

The Indian ICT sector has seen tremendous growth whether it relates to telecom or IT. We are known for software as also for high telecom growth. It is a matter of pride for all Indians that we are second largest in world in terms of subscribers numbers at 510 Millions and that our monthly additions are world’s highest being 15-17 millions per month.

CMAI believes that for inclusive growth, there is need for emphasis to indigenous manufacturing, promotion of IPRs and customer should be focal point for all policies.
CMAI, hence requests the Government to promote local manufacturing, local IPRs by suitable policy measures. Government should facilitate ease of doing manufacturing and balance incentives, duties and taxes accordingly.

When it comes to customer focus, with proliferation of more than 500 Million mobiles, there is hardly any option to customer to address its grievances. CMAI has requested and that has been consented by Minister of Law to have separate Courts throughout the Country for mobile customers. Another request CMAI has made to Government is to abolish the termination charges in mobile, the absence of which will greatly promote customer acquisition and satisfaction.

The need and importance for Broadband is very well established. World over trends for investment in ICT sector are reversing. All countries including India welcomed private investment in telecom and that has brought in growth also. Now when world is giving priority for broadband, then some how private investment is elusive. Hence world over it is once again the Government which is being called upon for investment. The examples of Finland Korea, UK, USA, Canada, Japan all are there.

CMAI believes that there is need for rethinking of policies of Government for broadband to allow it easier for proliferation of broadband, spectrum and licenses for un served and under served areas. Also the need is for release of funding to the user department so that they can effectively use it fro socio economic development.

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