Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Xtendwave granted patent for technology improving broadband DSL availability and performance

DALLAS, USA: Xtendwave, a technology company dedicated to changing the economics of delivering broadband signals over existing telecommunications networks, today announced that the US Patent and Trade Office approved issuance of the company’s patent application on the topic "Multichannel Wavelet Codec."

Xtendwave provides semiconductor technology that improves broadband service by increasing the speed, capacity and distance of signals traveling over existing copper phone lines. Xtendwave’s technology enables service providers to expand service past the limits of their existing xDSL networks, using the same infrastructure.

Xtendwave's technology will result in cost-effective delivery of broadband service, particularly in rural and remote locations with phone lines extending past 12,000 feet from a telecom central office.

Xtendwave's development work is well aligned with the Federal Governments' objectives, under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) of expanding broadband access and adoption in communities across the US, which will increase jobs, spur investments in technology and infrastructure, and provide long-term economic benefits.

This new patent covers enhanced methods for the modulation and encoding of DSL signals, and adaptively adjusting to channel conditions, resulting in improved performance of the company's AFBMTM (Adaptive Filter Bank Modulation) technology.

The new issuance, in addition to Xtendwave's four issued patents, provides further patent protection for implementations of the company's technology. With the methods covered by the company's patent portfolio, telecom equipment using Xtendwave's chips will be able to cover twice the area with broadband service, compared to existing DSL standards, and based on distance of subscribers from a telecom central office.

“Patent approval is a major milestone in substantiating and bringing to market Xtendwave’s solution to dramatically improve broadband service delivery, particularly in unserved and underserved locations in the US,” said Mort Aaronson, Chairman and CEO of Xtendwave. “Additionally, broadband providers and millions of subscribers worldwide will benefit from better broadband signals that travel further.”

Xtendwave's approved patents cover key aspects of Xtendwave's implementation of its AFBMTM technology, which employs wavelet-transform signal processing methods. In addition to the approved patents, Xtendwave has additional patents pending covering both the core technology and its application to various transmission media. Xtendwave will offer devices for incorporation into DSL line cards and CPE modems, as well as providing licensed IP to key customers.

The issuance of this patent expands Xtendwave’s portfolio of its existing approved patents pertaining to AFBM™ technology. “With these patents in place, Xtendwave is poised to achieve several goals with an upside for all industry participants,” said Dr. Dennis I. Robbins, Xtendwave's COO.

“Xtendwave will help telecom companies compete into the future, help satisfy customer and regulator demand for broadband ubiquity, help equipment providers use and monetize spare DSLAM slots, and help equipment manufacturers develop relevant new products for the vast telecom market.”

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