Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next generation mobile life – enabling the services of tomorrow

PADERBORN, GERMANY: Mobile phones have developed into a mini PC and, against many forecasts, users have adopted enthusiastically to the variety of functions. Nowhere does digital convergence show up as rapidly and as clearly as in the range of these days’ mobile communication.

In the light of growing services and use, Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers solutions to manage complex subscriber profiles and charging rules for all services. The benefits are maximized revenue streams for operators and, at the same time, excellent fit with subscribers’ needs.

Differentiation and retention through a centralized subscriber view
From an individual perspective, today mobile phones structure our private and professional life to a high degree. From an economical point of view, they have become the driver of convergence and thus of the overall economic development. For mobile devices, convergence means that communication services and media content are growing together, enabled by digitization.

The mobile phone already is a communication device, credit card, navigation aid and mobile Entertainment gadget for all media and more. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to offer new services and Apps, along with bringing new technologies into their operations, all this to differentiate themselves by releasing new and innovative bundles for their customers.

To increase retention and profit, CSPs now need, more than ever, a comprehensive view of the subscriber in order to deliver personalized services and bundles.

Making money from mobile media usage
Achieving profitable growth and reliable revenues from mobile broadband and next generation data services is one of the big the challenges for mobile operators worldwide.

Bandwidth-demanding applications offered on a flat-rate basis cannot be profitable in the long run. Only new and highly personalized services can unlock the revenue potential of next gen data services. Orga Systems’ Next Generation Control Point (NGCP) enables operators to manage complex subscriber profiles and charging rules for all services across all networks.

Differentiated charging and a fine-grained policy management allow for the control of bandwidth-demanding applications while at the same time generating additional revenues with new individualized service offerings.

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