Saturday, August 1, 2009

Synapse takes iPhone world by storm with 'iWet T-shirt' app

NOIDA, INDIA: Have you ever fantasized over throwing water on busty beauties to sneak a view of their body basics inside the clothing? Well the commonest of male fantasies is ready to be materialized via the men’s commonest possession -- an iPhone!

For the seekers of unadulterated, harmless fun, Synapse Communications has developed the iWet T-Shirt –- an iPhone application that has already grabbed eyeballs for its fun-filled concept and simple interface.

The application calls its users to have fun by jetting liquid on buxom beauties (a never advisable activity in real life, though). One can select from a bevy of beautiful girls to wet, and after completion of the deed, can zoom in to view the particular body part.

The application also lets its users to ‘undo’ a wetting session or select ‘smooth nozzle spray’ feature for additional fun during the game.

While the game database is constantly populated with addition new girls, a simple menu with easy gaming instructions makes the application even more exciting.

iWet features as one of recent and most talked after games added by Apple in its repository. Apple has released the game under a PG-13 rating and is ready to be downloaded.

Synapse Communications is a leading iPhone application developer and software solution provider from India has stamped its credentials of an expert application developer with a list of exciting iPhone applications already making prominent presence in iPhone App Store.

Google Voice, no doubt, is a useful application. Rejection of the same would upset many iPhone, and all Google, fans. But the way the scathing remarks have been directed to Apple, I doubt on the (seemingly) ‘purist’s’ credentials. They sound more like Apple’s diehard anti, than ones anyway near to being seekers of an adult /sex theme-free list of iPhone applications.

If Apple has approved iWet, it also did it with a word of caution by rating the same with PG-13. It now entirely remains in the discretion of user to download the application.

Perhaps, days of unnecessary fistfights and derisions against adult theme-oriented applications/websites are over. In the web world, where access to everything interesting is just a click away, we need to be more ingenious in setting our priorities and open towards abiding holistic regulations.

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