Friday, August 28, 2009

GPS based vehicle tracking services in Bangalore at affordable pricing

BANGALORE, INDIA: Elanor Tracking, a Bangalore based company has launched Web based Vehicle Monitoring as a “service”. The speciality of their service is affordability and ease of use.

For a small monthly fee, Elanor Tracking helps people to monitor their vehicles for location, over speed, unauthorized stoppages, etc.

According to Shakeel Sheriff, CEO – Elanor Tracking, the activation of the service is very simple. You can register with Elanor Tracking for a small fee. Experienced engineers will take care of the installation of GPS/GPRS based tracking device on your vehicles. After this, a user name and password will be given to you.

Using this, you can log into Elanor's website and access your vehicle’s information from any where. Elanor Tracking has also set up a support centre, which is available 24/7 to support you.

This service helps to achieve efficient usage of vehicles, reduce fuel expenses, safer and quicker journeys etc. Some of the facilities of Elanor Tracking services are tracking the movement of vehicles when driven by others, define traffic routes & get alerts if the vehicle is deviating from it, get over speed alerts & making sure the vehicle is driven safely, avoid unauthorised travel etc. Using this service you can make sure that your vehicles are not misused.

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