Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GPS Insight's CDMA-enabled GPSI-4000 tracking device

SCOTTSDALE, USA: GPS Insight, a leading supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, has released its GPSI-4000V tracking device.

This new version of the GPSI-4000 supports CDMA network services, made available through KORE Telematics. The new GPSI-4000V offering now gives customers a full range of network choices in addition to GPS Insight’s current GPRS and satellite offerings.

GPS Insight is pleased to provide coverage on multiple networks, to ensure customers receive the best possible network service based on their geographical region and coverage requirements.

“Today’s complex asset tracking applications must deliver a complete range of reliable network options, and do so at an affordable cost,” said Alex Brisbourne, President and Chief Operating Officer, KORE Telematics.

“KORE is the only specialized M2M service provider to make a significant investment in Tier 1 CDMA rate plans and value-add services, and we are proud to help partners like GPS Insight take full advantage of North America’s largest and most reliable CDMA network.

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