Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ZTE chooses Wintegra for mobile carrier network

AUSTIN, USA: Wintegra, a market leader in access processing semiconductors, announced that ZTE Corp. has selected Wintegra’s Multi-Service Access (MSA) software and hardware solution for its next generation Mobile Carrier Network equipment.

ZTE, recognized by IDC as the “Fastest Growing Telecom Equipment Provider in 2008,” is pursuing the burgeoning business opportunities in China as well as other regions with their new generation of carrier class telephony equipment.

Packet transport addresses the ever increasing demand for more and more bandwidth over evolving IP networks. A key function of packet transport is the ability to carry legacy TDM traffic over these new packet based networks such as Carrier Ethernet.

Carrier Ethernet has an important feature known as clock recovery that provides the necessary clocking and precise timing information that was inherent in TDM networks over this asynchronous packet based network.

Wintegra provides market leading support for high channel density clock recovery enabling providers like ZTE to support a cost effective mix of legacy as well as packet based networks simultaneously.

ZTE has licensed Wintegra’s key technologies and software development tools to capitalize on the available protocols and design assistance provided by Wintegra.

“Wintegra has a compelling mix of hardware and software solutions for our next generation communication equipment,” said Yu Zhiyong, Chief Engineer of ZTE Mobile Carrier Network Product Dept. “We expect to work with them for other systems to broaden our carrier class solution portfolio.”

Wintegra has a strong presence in multi-service access and high channel density carrier class telephony. China is a prime geographic area for growth. “We’re really pleased to be working with ZTE on their new packet based solutions,” said Robert O’Dell, EVP of Marketing and Sales at Wintegra. “It is a testament to our technology to be used by a market leader like ZTE, and we’re looking forward to ongoing programs with them.”

Wintegra’s multi-service hardware and software solutions enable a fully channelized application running any protocol including PWE3 (Pseudo Wire End to End Emulation), MC/ML-PPP (Multi-Class Multi-Link PPP), IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM), and MFR (Multilink Frame Relay).

These solutions also utilize Wintegra’s state-of-the-art clock recovery support providing accurate timing and synchronization critical for these new networks. Additionally, WinPath based designs are RAM-based, allowing for field upgrades of operational software with no truck rolls, a highly desired feature in this cost sensitive market.

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