Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Download the WiMAX guide!

The April 2009 edition of The WiMAX Guide is now available! The online resource contains featured articles discussing industry trends, growth, deployments, and applications.

* Maravedis' WiMAX Market Overview By Region
* Mobile WiMAX Device Update
* WiMAX in Taiwan: Development in Taiwan
* WiMAX Backhaul: Wireless Ethernet is Making it Happen
* A Business Case for VoIP: Add Value & Drive Revenue
* WiMAX for Security: How WiMAX is Enabling the Surge in Video Surveillance
* Case Study: Airspan
* Case Study: Cisco
* Case Study: Alvarion
* Opinion: Making Enemies of Friends
* Top 10 Questions to Ask your WiMAX Vendor

Download your FREE copy HERE!

The WiMAX Guide also includes a company directory showcasing companies' products and solutions for the WiMAX industry.

The directory contains profiles in 13 business categories: Antennas, Backhaul, Billing Solutions, Components, Consulting/Research, Distributors, Equipment, Network Planning/RF Design, Semiconductors, Software Solutions, System Integrators, Testing Solutions, and VoIP Solutions.

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