Friday, May 1, 2009

Vopium first mobile VoIP application on BlackBerry App World

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK & LONDON, UK: Vopium has launched its free application on the BlackBerry App World.

As the world’s first mobile VoIP application available on BlackBerry App World, the launch cements Vopium’s commitment to offering consumers and businesses worldwide a free and heavily-discounted international communications service.

Vopium’s award winning technology takes advantage of 3G, GSM, WiFi and GPRS networks and doesn’t limit users to just using WiFi hotspots. Vopium automatically re-routes calls via the cheapest available route, ensuring that customers are always able to save money when calling international numbers.

Once downloaded, the Vopium application on BlackBerry App World seamlessly integrates with the address book. It intelligently recognises international numbers and then automatically re-routes calls without the need for user input. When an international number is dialed, the call is made using the cheapest method available while also preserving the highest level of call quality.

The launch of Vopium on BlackBerry App World comes hot on the heels of the company’s iPhone application. Vopium is now compatible with more than 500 devices across all operating systems including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java. Users that download and register Vopium from BlackBerry’s App World, will receive 30 minutes of free calls and 30 text messages (SMS). View a step-by-step registration guide for BlackBerry.

“Whilst consumers and businesses alike are looking to save money where they can, they don’t want to compromise on quality. Vopium is dedicated to helping friends, families and businesses communicate, regardless of where they are in the world, providing the same high level of call quality they’re used to receiving with their mobile operators,” said Vopium CEO, Tanveer Sharif. “Vopium on BlackBerry App World will enable the millions of BlackBerry users to significantly cut their international call costs whether these are for business or pleasure.”

The Vopium application will be available in the BlackBerry App World from 5pm GMT on May 1.

Vopium: Key Facts
* Vopium is compatible with more than 500 handsets across Java, Symbian, BlackBerry RIM, and Windows Mobile, as well as offering a complete iPhone solution.
* Vopium is free to download at; BlackBerry users can download the application directly from the BlackBerry App World.
* Vopium re-routes international calls as a local call to a Vopium gateway and then via global traffic carriers as ordinary voice traffic in order to ensure voice quality.
* All new users are given 30 minutes of talk time and 30 international SMS for free.
* Calling internationally with Vopium can result in up to 90 percent savings versus traditional carrier rates; click here for an overview of current pricing.
* Calls made through Vopium are always routed using the cheapest method while preserving the highest quality.
* Vopium Wi-Fi users can call each other around the world for free.
* Vopium users keep their own mobile number and SIM card, and maintain their numeric identity when making calls.
* When a user calls from their home country, a local rate may be applied by their operator.
* When calling from abroad a roaming charge will be applied by the subscriber’s operator.
* Wi-Fi calls made with Vopium will not incur additional charges from a subscriber’s operator.

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