Monday, May 11, 2009

LG announces GC900 Viewty smartphone

LONDON, UK: LG Electronics has announced a brand new successor phone of LG Viewty, namely Viewty Smart (GC900). An intelligent shot mode technology has been introduced in LG GC900 phone that automatically takes amazing quality of pictures by adjusting camera settings accordingly.

The previous version of LG Viewty gives mind-blowing results. According to LG mobiles, they sold over 6.5 million units of LG KU990 Viewty. This latest mobile of LG (GC900 Viewty) delivers more and even excellent experience while viewing & sharing, plus playing with upgraded features. It includes a high intensity 8 megapixel camera with sensitivity upto ISO 1600, for better resolution of pictures & videos. Apart from this, this mobile phone includes a WVGA touchscreen of higher resolution, an intelligent image processor and a new S-Class user interface for easy navigation & browsing.

LG conduct various consumer surveys in different countries to know what exactly mobile user wants in next generation mobile phones and they found that the current camera phones are too complicated to control. By introducing intelligent shot mode functionality in LG GC90 Viewty this problem is being resolved and its camera operates automatically by analyzing various factors and situations. This hassle free mode eliminates the problem to control camera in different climatic conditions.

Viewty Smart has a three-inch wide WVGA screen, which delivers great pictures and mind blowing experience of watching movies. LG Viewty 2 supports HSDPA networks of 7.2 Mbps speed and Wi-Fi network, which helps to browse internet at broadband speed. Uploading and sharing images over the Internet is quiet easy. This LG mobile phone support 32GB of storage capacity by MicroSD card slot and have 1.5GB of internal memory. This phone solves the storage problem of users who wants to keep more tracks & data into their handset.

LG Viewty II is extremely pocketable because it is just 12.4 thick and become one of the slimmest mobile phone of LG having 8MP camera. The aim of LG mobile is to change the perception of people looked at camera mobile phones.

LG GC900 Viewty will be available on all leading mobile networks in the month of May.

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