Monday, May 11, 2009

CMAI signs MoU with Cambridge Wireless

N.K. Goyal is among my oldest friends, mentor and acquaintance in the Indian telecom industry. Yesterday afternoon, he alerted me about this significant development.

First, a bit about N.K. Goyal. He is currently the president, Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMAI), chairman Emeritus TEMA (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers' Association of India), Chairman CTIA, and Vice Chairman ITU APT India.

India has been focusing significantly on wireless broadband in order to bring the power of the internet to rural India, thereby fostering economic growth. To facilitate and make this a reality, the Communications & Manufacturing Association of India has signed an MoU with Cambridge Wireless to foster this aim.

You can read more of this at Business Weekly, UK.

Those of you interested in the Indian telecom industry should be aware that India already has over 400 million telecom subscribers and is targeted to cross the 650 million by 2012, with new subscribers joining at the rate of 10-15 million a month.

Thank you very much, Sir! Well done for keeping India's telecom flag flying high.

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  1. Thanks Pradeep. CMAI has now MOU with more than 24 countries and is assisting in trade and business along with shaping policies for telecom/ICT sector. CMAI is also recognized leader for organization of professional events for broadband, 3G, manufacturing, spectrum, VAS, bilateral trade etc.Several professionals are downloading various data from


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