Monday, August 22, 2011

XConnect calls on AudioCodes to support high-definition voice transcoding feature

LONDON, UK: XConnect announced that its new high-definition voice transcoding feature, which enables HD voice traffic to cross the fixed-mobile divide through an IP-peering federation, has been developed in conjunction with AudioCodes.

Now available for members of the XConnect HD Alliance, the new capability draws on the combined strengths of XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and multimedia interconnection services and AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 high-definition transcoder.

In a tested, certified end-to-end solution, XConnect’s interconnection hub detects the need for transcoding, prompting the AudioCodes transcoder to translate between the different codecs used by fixed-line and mobile operators.

As part of the deployment, AudioCodes will also become an HD Alliance partner and join the XConnect Ready Partner Program to support cooperation and co-marketing efforts between the companies.

“With the recent increase in HD voice uptake on cellular networks, predominantly relying on wideband AMR, and the widespread use of the G.722 codec on wireline networks, high-definition interconnect becomes crucial for a ubiquitous quality of experience for both wireless and wireline users,” said Jeff Kahn, Chief Strategy Officer of AudioCodes. “We are delighted to be working with XConnect to advance what we at AudioCodes call HD VoIP.”

XConnect CEO Eli Katz said: “We are very pleased that AudioCodes has chosen to provide its expertise to help us enrich the benefits of our high-definition voice offering. AudioCodes’ transcoding technology complements XConnect’s ENUM registry and interconnection services, and we look forward to collaborating in other ways to bring innovation to market.”

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