Thursday, August 18, 2011

Romtelecom deploys Comptel dynamic OSS for IMS

HELSINKI, FINLAND: Comptel Corp., the leading vendor of dynamic Operations Support System (OSS) software, announced that Romanian communications services provider Romtelecom will deploy Comptel Provisioning and Activation, Comptel Catalog and Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository to automate service activation for its new IMS network.

Key facts
* Romtelecom is one of the most important telecom operators in the Romanian market, with approximately 4.9 million revenue generating units (RGUs) at the end of the second quarter of 2011. The company is the market leader in data and broadband Internet services for companies, and also the only telecom operator in Romania offering Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by default, free of charge, for the services provided under the Romtelecom Business Solutions brand.

* Comptel Provisioning and Activation enables operators to fully automate the process of handling subscriber orders to activating services in the network and all the way up to the start of billing. The solution helps CSPs control costs, reduce manual errors and efficiently deliver services, thus increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

* Comptel Catalog allows CSPs to quickly create new products from pre-tested service components and orchestrates the delivery of these customer-facing services. The solution allows for an agile response to market changes and competitors’ initiatives, and helps operators maximise revenue opportunities from product innovation.

* Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository provides a live, accurate view of subscriber data, and allows CSPs to monitor business-critical customer status and activity information across multiple networks. The solution ensures a dynamic, agile workflow and greatly improves subscriber visibility, enabling operators to enhance the customer experience by quickly responding to their behaviours and anticipating their needs.

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