Monday, July 11, 2011

Trend Micro helps IT embrace consumerization with new enterprise mobile solution

CUPERTINO, USA: Trend Micro Inc., a global cloud security leader, is helping organizations embrace consumerization and unlock full business potential. As personal and professional lives become more intertwined, employees are using their own consumer-grade tablets, smartphones and PCs for work – regardless of company policies.

The consumerization of IT carries with it a unique blend of strategic and operational challenges. The lack of a planned approach to consumerization creates security risk, financial exposure and a management nightmare for IT. Despite these risks, the consumerization of IT represents a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to drive increases in productivity, business agility, and customer and employee satisfaction.

A recent survey by Trend Micro of enterprise IT decision-makers revealed several important points about the way consumerization is proceeding in corporate IT environments:
* 74 percent of respondents already allow employees to use personal devices for work-related activities. The majority of end-users favor these devices because they are easier to use, more convenient, and allow them to mix personal and work.
* Half of IT decision-makers responded that companies should offer full support for employee-owned devices, with a caveat: 79 percent said that employees should be required to install mobile security solutions on their personal mobile devices.
* 80 percent of respondents think that the presence of corporate data on a mobile device puts it at greater risk of attack.
* 69 percent of respondents agreed that mobile device security is a key component for protecting their IT environments from employee-owned mobile devices; with 71 percent of respondents consider a combination of mobile device security and mobile device management to be the most effective means of addressing the security and management challenges of consumerization.

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