Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OnMobile acquires Dilithium Networks’ leading 3G video technology

BANGALORE, INDIA: OnMobile Global Ltd, India's largest telecom value-added services (VAS) player, today acquired the leading 3G video technology and mobile solutions developed over eight years by Silicon Valley-based Dilithium Networks Inc.

Dilithium pioneered mobile video, authored the global standard for 3G video telephony, and is the largest customer validated 3G video solution for mobile operators globally.

This acquisition enables OnMobile to deploy Dilithium’s leadership technology in the rapidly expanding mobile video solutions space, piggybacking on OnMobile’s 2G and 2.5G VAS platforms embedded into the world’s leading telecom operators, and hence accelerating the launch of 3G VAS services.

The acquisition also provides OnMobile with Dilithium’s extensive patent portfolio - over 175 patents in the world’s most advanced video technologies. Dilithium’s technology enables the delivery of novel 3G value-added services by offering superior quality and scale to the creation, adaptation and distribution of all types of multimedia assets.

Arvind Rao, co-founder, CEO and MD, OnMobile, said: “Over the past 10 years, OnMobile has pioneered and built a global leadership position in 2G and 2.5G Value Added Services. For our leading customers we have delivered an unmatched 90+ percent CAGR in OnMobile-powered and managed VAS revenues over the past six to eight years of VAS partnerships. Now with Dilithium’s 3G-patented technologies we will continue this momentum with a wide range of rich 3G video mobile VAS services that are carrier-grade, field-tested, proven, competitively superior and spectrum cost efficient.

“These include video calls, video RBT, multi-screen video streaming on demand, IVVR,
video optimization, etc. We will back this with our time tested Managed Services delivery model and innovative financial pricing models, delivering yet another home run for our telecom operator customers.”

This acquisition – OnMobile’s third in four years – will reinforce OnMobile’s growing dominance in the value-added services industry globally. Dilithium’s extensive customer base spanned 120 service providers and operators in more than 60 countries, and comprised over 1.5 billion subscribers.

Dilithium’s CTO and co-founder, Marwan Jabri said: “We are very pleased and excited in being part of OnMobile, the leader in mobile value added services. The Dilithium technologies and know-how will spark a new era where operators in partnership with OnMobile can offer novel and cutting edge revenue-generating video services powered by the Dilithium video technologies. The tested and proven technology is validated by leading global customers like China Mobile, China Unicom, Vodafone, Yahoo, BSNL, France Telecom, Etisalat, Zain, HTC and Qualcomm.”

Dr. Jabri will head OnMobile’s new Video Business Unit, reporting into Sanjay Uppal, president and COO.

As operators are increasingly turning to managed VAS to drive efficiencies and improve the mobile user experience, - the combination of OnMobile’s VAS experience and track record via the Managed Service business model and Dilithium’s market-leading technology will rapidly expand the reach of 3G multimedia services to consumers worldwide.

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