Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AdvanceTec releases AdvanceMobile VX1 fixed mobile phone solution for GSM carriers

MIAMI, USA: AdvanceTec Industries Inc., a leader in wireless and commercial in-vehicle communications, announces the release of the AdvanceMobile VX1 GSM Fixed Mobile Phone Solution.

Following the success of the AdvanceMobile phone solution for iDEN carriers, AdvanceTec introduces the VX1 Fixed Mobile Phone solution to assist businesses with a mobile workforce comply with hands-free legislation, text messaging restrictions, and to control ballooning communication costs by providing hands-free communication to and from a selected authorized phone number list and prohibiting text messaging completely.

This will assist in mitigating potential corporate liability incurred with accidents while on the phone, ticket exposure for phone use not in compliance with local hands-free legislation and generally improving the safety of the phone use while operating a vehicle. The AdvanceMobile VX1 is designed for easy permanent placement in the vehicle and has a rugged industrial design which meets the harsh automotive temperature environment.

AdvanceTec’s VX1 is GPS enabled and will provide fleet managers with the capability to track mobile assets globally and provides Telematics features, including Geo Fencing, vehicle speed notification, color coded vehicle tracking and one button emergency notification.

The VX1 provides hands-free, full-duplex voice quality using advanced algorithms to incorporate echo cancellation and noise suppression. A palm microphone can be used in addition to the microphone to replicate the experience of using a two-way radio or to overcome loud in cabin noise by speaking directly in to the Palm Microphone.

“More than ever, in-vehicle communications is an essential part of doing business for the mobile worker,” says Wayne Clarke, VP of Business Development for AdvanceTec. “It’s our mission to help provide our customers and GSM carrier partners with rugged hands-free Fixed Mobile communications that enable the mobile worker to safely communicate while operating a vehicle.”

The AdvanceMobile VX1 uses Motorola GSM Quad Band technology and can be activated on AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile or any other GSM carrier in the United States using existing voice plans. Its Quad Band technology enables carrier partners outside of the USA to activate the VX1 on their networks. The AdvanceMobile VX1 lists for $499 and comes with all the components necessary for an effortless installation.

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