Saturday, October 16, 2010

Millennial Net intros MeshScape 5 for battery-powered OEM-embedded apps

CHELMSFORD, USA: Millennial Net, the leader in dynamic wireless mesh technology, has announced MeshScape 5, a new version of its patented technology specifically configured for OEM-embedded applications.

MeshScape 5 includes a rich set of APIs (application programming interfaces) for rapid integration with sophisticated applications.

MeshScape 5 is a high-performance wireless mesh sensor networking (WSN) technology, which implements Millennial's unique Decentralized Distributed Dynamic Routing (D3R) technology. It is ideal for demanding dynamic, ad-hoc and mobile applications requiring bi-directional communications. Inherent in any wireless networking system are the tradeoffs of power, scale, speed, latency and upstream/downstream directional bias.

Most WSNs available today, both proprietary and standards-based (such as Zigbee PRO and WirelessHart), achieve lesser or skewed performance levels across these many opposing design objectives, which limit their suitability for many applications. MeshScape is optimized to achieve much greater performance and reliability levels in more demanding applications.

"The potential range of WSN applications expands as performance increases," says Sokwoo Rhee, Millennial Net founder and CTO. "But performance has not been the focus of many WSN technology and standard developments to date. Today, we see market leading organizations in various application areas coming forward who value and seek high performance as a critical foundation upon which to address and exploit new opportunities. MeshScape 5 provides these companies a solid foundation of mature and proven technology, with the flexibility to adapt to application-driven requirements across many dimensions."

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