Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clearwire could deploy LTE in addition to WiMAX

MONTREAL, CANADA: Maravedis is proud to announce our new report, Sizing up the Competitive Opportunities for Verizon (LTE) and Clearwire (WiMAX), authored by Partner and Senior Analyst Robert Syputa.

The report takes a look at these leading ventures into next generation wireless deployments as a study not just of the competitive challenges and opportunities facing Clearwire and Verizon, but as a portal through which to view the emergence of true ‘broadband everywhere’ performance over wireless networks.

As Clearwire presses ahead aggressively to deploy WiMAX, Verizon is moving ahead with fast paced development of LTE, as AT&T prepares to follow.

Despite the technology differences between the standards, each player must confront the complex shifts in market demand for mobile broadband devices as they balance a growing array of partnerships, classes of service, and the potential cannibalization of existing business.

As the largest contiguous wireless broadband spectrum holder, Clearwire’s challenge is to become a new type of facilities-based operator that can be parlayed through a growing array of partnerships to serve an open IP broadband market. Technology choice is not necessarily cast in stone nor the most important determinant of long-term success.

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