Saturday, September 26, 2009

ZyXEL announces multi-service CPEs for FTTH deployments

ANAHEIM, USA: ZyXEL Communications Inc., a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity and routing products, announced several solutions for FTTH deployment, designed to enable telcos to offer multiple services including high-speed Internet, VoIP and wireless home networking in a single box.

ZyXEL’s FTTH line includes three new Ethernet-based devices - P-2612HW, NBG-420N and NBG-417N -- all of which connect directly to the Optical Network Terminator (ONT) and allow operators to equip residential subscribers with wireless home connectivity. The P-2612HW is an all-in-one wireless gateway with dual ADSL2 / Ethernet WAN, two VoIP ports and a four-port switch.

The NGB-420N is a high performance 11n wireless home gateway with four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Both the P-2612HW and NBG-420N have auto-provisioning and remote management with built-in TR-069 support and advanced QoS features for IPTV, making them a great choice for operators for deploying premium services at reduced cost.

Finally, the NBG-417N is an entry level 11n router with a four-port Ethernet switch that offers an economical home networking solution to subscribers.

With customizable services, features and levels of performance, ZyXEL’'s FTTH products allow operators to offer different service bundles to meet increasing demand for high speed Internet, home connectivity and premium services like IPTV.

Home networking and super high-speed connectivity are becoming increasingly important to residential and business customers, and operators are feeling pressure to deliver a breadth of top-quality broadband networking products in order to remain competitive.

By partnering with ZyXEL, operators benefit from exceptional US-based support, a familiar user interface and easy migration from one solution to another. End users enjoy solid performance, multiple service options and easy resolution of technical issues via remote device management.

“Now that families are placing a larger emphasis on home entertainment, and as homes and businesses alike rely on services that require super-high-speed connections, ZyXEL’s FTTH products allow telcos to offer a breadth of services to meet individual customer needs,” said Brian Feng, senior vice president, key accounts business unit for ZyXEL.

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