Friday, October 30, 2009

ZTE announces DOCSIS compliant EPON solution for US market

DENVER, USA: ZTE USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ZTE Corp., announced the availability of its industry-leading DOCSIS compliant Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) solution, which allows multiple system operators (MSO’s) to deploy optical distribution network architectures for residential, commercial and mobile backhaul applications.

The new solution enables MSO’s to leverage their fibre resources to deploy EPON based multi-play services without any changes to the existing DOCSIS-based back-office system. All new EPON services are provisioned with MSO’s existing mature DOCSIS back-office system.

ZTE'’s highly integrated network equipment and new DOCSIS control plane enables MSO’s to compete with the telecommunication operators in the overlay market, maximize revenues on new services and future-proof existing networks, delivering savings on routine maintenance, operational costs and other additional capital expenditures.

ZTE’s DOCSIS compliant EPON solution allows MSO’s to deliver additional customer services via adaptable optical network units (ONUs) that support HSD, VoIP, video (IPTV or RF overlay) and mobile backhaul services.

Now MSO’s are able to take a more competitive approach to the market by offering value added service capabilities to support residential, commercial and mobile backhaul applications.

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