Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IDEA adopts IBM Services delivery platform to bring innovative content service to subscribers

INDIA: IBM today announced an agreement with IDEA Cellular to provide a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to enable the service provider to deliver innovative messaging and WAP-based content services to its 50 million+ subscriber base over 2G and 3G wireless networks in India.

IBM’s SDP will help IDEA integrate content and applications across all of its service lines to deliver a consistently high-quality user experience and bring new services to the marketplace much more quickly.

This seven-year contract will deliver the following SDP services to IDEA in addition to the overall operations and management of the SDP:

* IT systems, software and service for value added revenue services (VAS), such as content management, downloading, portal browsing and subscription services.
* Integration with Business Support System (BSS), Network elements and other VAS applications.
* Migration of existing messaging services, content-based services, WAP portal, and subscription services.

IBM’s SDP is a recognized global telecom platform built on IBM's Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE) framework, the industry's most mature flexible framework for launching innovative value added services.

IBM’s industry frameworks, designed around software modules that match specific industry needs, enable faster business solution deployment with lower project cost risk, expanded choice through a validated ecosystem of partners, and accelerated adoption of business IT standards.

“IDEA has been a pioneer in introducing unique and interesting mobile value added services for subscribers across India.” said Prakash Paranjape, Chief Information Officer for IDEA Cellular. “With our rapidly growing subscriber base, IBM’s SDP will pave the way for us to sustain our unique approach by further enhancing our proximity with subscribers, and more importantly provide impetus to innovative initiatives targeted at our valued customers.”

IDEA subscribers will have easy access to multiple channels such as SMS, MMS, WAP and Web. IBM will also provide 24x7 monitoring and management from a central BSS network operating centre including all tools required for operations and management.

The Service Delivery Platform will cover integrated portal, content management, digital rights management, offline transcoding of content, messaging gateway and subscription management.

The implementation of SDP will allow content providers to publish content once and distribute through multiple channels – SMS, MMS, WAP and Web. Bulk uploading of content, along with protection of digital content shall also be possible now. IBM’s SDP will also support 3G services and will be compliant to upcoming Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

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