Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smartphone owners use less than six applications regularly!

BOSTON, USA: Even though smartphone users download multiple applications to their devices, the recent Strategy Analytics Wireless Smartphone Strategies insight, “Smartphone Owners Only Use Half of Installed Applications Regularly,” shows that only about four to six applications are consistently used on a regular basis.

This report provides an overview of how many applications have been downloaded and are still installed, and how frequently these applications are used.

By surveying mobile Smartphone users in the US and the UK, Strategy Analytics has found that Smartphone users in the UK now install as many applications on their phones as their US counterparts.

While Apple users in both countries download and install the most applications, they do not necessarily use the installed applications any more than other Smartphone users do on a regular basis. Android users report that they have removed one-third of the apps that they had installed on their Smartphones, while BlackBerry users keep almost all of the applications they download.

Commented Christopher Dodge, Analyst in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice, “Only 57 percent of all Smartphone applications device are being used regularly.”

Paul Brown, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics added, “Application developers need to ensure that their application is useful, usable and compelling in order to ensure it will be used regularly and not just downloaded, used a couple of times, and then discarded.”

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