Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Context-dependent services - a significant revenue source for MNOs

PADERBORN, GERMANY: Tomorrow's end users will be looking for complex offerings involving personalized services. Mobile network operators will be able to generate revenue from a wide range of additional services like context, mobile advertising and application.

The growth of context-dependent services underscores the changing nature of "context" as a concept. Subscribers are more mobile than ever and this means location is now dynamic. Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers real-time based solutions, meeting future customer needs.

Context for customer interaction and enhanced user experience
These mobile consumers provide considerable revenue opportunities for mobile network operators. Their increasing interest in context-dependent services, underlined by their usage behavior, is only one indicator for this fact.

What is more is the fact that these context-dependent services provide an excellent opportunity for providers to set up positive costumer communication and interact in the very moment of action. This means that customer experience in general can be enhanced significantly by making use of context-dependent service assets.

Offering context-aware services while using existing billing systems
Context-dependent services are experiencing massive growth rates. This growth has been even more rapid than any analyst had predicted only a few years ago. Thinking of these many users, operators can imagine how great the opportunities for revenue increase for these services are. Orga Systems offers charging and billing services for context-dependent online charging in real time.

Orga Systems minimizes expenditures for communication service providers by providing interfaces that allow local providers to offer their customers context-aware services while using pre-existing billing systems.

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