Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SatGuide appears on small screen with .mobi version

HYDERABAD, INDIA: With the increase in growth for handheld devices, the future unfolds itself through Internet access on mobile devices. This being a prediction for future, is the next best marketing strategy for all consumer driven organizations in the country.

Keeping the same strategy in view, SatNav Technologies has launched their website as a .mobi version making it highly accessible for all existing and potential customers on their GPRS enabled handsets. This version is compatible with all Windows and Symbian operating phones.

Earlier, people were not comfortable using the GPRS technology to browse for information due to various reasons like slow data transfer speed, network coverage for GPRS services and limited performance of the handset browser software. Also, the handsets had low resolution screens and the price for the usage of the data was really high.

However, all these excuses have now become pre-historic. People are now more dependent on their handsets than before. Since mankind is on the move at all times, they depend on their handsets to be their extra helping hand in communicating to the outside world, in capturing important information and also gathering necessary information for them.

For a consumer driven company, to be able to reach-out to their customer no matter what given situation they are in, is a priority. With the .mobi version of the website, SatGuide customers as well as others interested in the navigation products of the company can browse and get all the required information on their handsets.

The company said that the launch of this version of the website was done by only keeping customers benefit in mind. The .mobi version is optimized to browse the website on a mobile phone as it tackles all the hard factors like screens, device size, input/output options etc and soft factors like immediacy of the results.

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