Thursday, April 30, 2009

Extreme Networks delivers simplicity and control for LAN's uuter edge

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Extreme Networks Inc. announced network solutions that extend simplicity and management consistency beyond the wiring closet to the LAN’s outer edge. The ReachNXT 100-8t, an 8-port enterprise port extender, and enhanced EPICenter 7.0 network management system, provide enterprise-class solutions for eased wired connectivity and extended management to locations at the LAN’s outer edge.

Enterprise architects and users alike have faced difficult challenges when addressing wired Ethernet connectivity in conference rooms, visitor areas and similar settings, where network connectivity is often limited or temporary. The new ReachNXT Enterprise port extender, coupled with enhancements to Extreme Networks’ EPICenter management suite, allow for complete visibility and control of the entire network. This helps users who demand reliable, secure Ethernet connections and IT architects who require capabilities beyond the wiring closet that are consistent with the rest of the LAN.

“Extreme Networks lets enterprises take control of the LAN’s outer edge with intelligent solutions that helps reduce deployment and connectivity challenges,” said Harpreet Chadha, senior director of product management for Extreme Networks. “By automating discovery and software updates of the ReachNXT enterprise port extenders in conjunction with upstream ExtremeXOS switches, provide complete network visibility and control for wired connectivity to the furthest reaches of the enterprise.”

"At the Michigan State University/Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies we need to support resident doctors, faculty and staff within large remote partner hospitals ," said Chris Howard, network engineer at MSU/KCMS. "The ReachNXT 100-8t provides us with the flexibility to rapidly deploy a reliable wired infrastructure to support our ever-changing connectivity requirements. Additionally, its simplicity of deployment and low cost have reduced our capital and operating expenses at these impermanent, leased locations."

Ideal for education, healthcare and enterprise campus networks, the ReachNXT 100-8t is an Ethernet port extender that is easy to deploy and monitor, and offers seamless Fast Ethernet connections to devices such as desktop or laptop computers while leveraging the power and consistency of the ExtremeXOS operating system to the access network layer. Most importantly, unlike 8 port unmanaged switches, ReachNXT is visible in EPICenter via the upstream ExtremeXOS switch.

The ReachNXT 100-8t is the first member of a family of enterprise port extenders and includes 8 ports of 10/100Base-T and a combination 1000M uplink port (1000Base-T and 1000Base-X SFP). With its built-in SFP port, Reach-NXT 100-8t also serves as a convenient fiber-to-copper media converter, extending the reach of the network. The ReachNXT 100-8t can be powered by an ExtremeXOS upstream PoE switch or by an external AC power adapter while the 1000Base X SFP is powered by an external wall adapter.

EPICenter 7.0
EPICenter is a scalable network management system that simplifies configuration, troubleshooting and status monitoring of IP-based networks. EPICenter 7.0 includes a new topology map that provides end-to-end network visualization of network services such as VLAN, vMAN, and the EAPS resiliency protocol, which allows effective monitoring and troubleshooting of services.

Additionally, EPICenter’s improved scripting and fully customizable programming language functionality enables automated deployment and maintenance of network devices and services. EPICenter 7.0 has also been enhanced with an improved look and feel, with an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface that makes viewing and controlling the network more efficient.

To provide further flexibility in the adoption of EPICenter, a new entry-level licensing tier is available to address smaller network deployments. Features that were formerly available only under Extreme Networks advanced upgrade license are now included across all EPICenter license tiers, resulting in a consistent set of features across the product line.

Pricing and availability
Both ReachNXT and EPICenter 7.0 are shipping this month. The US list price for the ReachNXT is US $295.00. The US list price for EPICenter 7.0 begins at $2,995.

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