Wednesday, December 12, 2012

KONKA set to enter Indian smart phones market with investment of $30 million

INDIA: KONKA, the leading global consumer electronic and mobile phone brand with a track record of successful innovation for 30 years and with $3 billion turnover, having sold 300 million devices, has entered into a strategic partnership with MAK Mobility Pvt Ltd.

KONKA smartphones operate on Google's Android platform and are targeted at young, tech savvy, style conscious people, who want sophistication and panache.

MAK Mobility will provide the platform for distribution and supply chain management of the brand in India. In a highly competitive environment, successful Smartphone distribution requires value added distribution and strong relationship with key retail chains/outlets for which MAK has the desired management bandwidth and competence to effectively deliver the same.

Li Hongtao, chairman of KONKA Telecom, said: "We aim to offer quality products with novel features matching the expectations of the discerning consumers, especially the youth whose lifestyle increasingly revolves around smart devices. We plan to create localized mobile internet eco-system by providing smart devices bundled with cloud based services and applications.

"We were very careful in selecting our partners in India as this is a long term plan for us and we would like to bet on teams which have the proven ability to manage scale without compromising on the essentials of the business. Our products are going to be our testimonials."

Manish Pengoriya, director of MAK Mobility, said: "Our success will be based on building robust real time distribution network focused on the key smartphones markets across India. We would endeavor to provide KONKA customers with matchless experience and quality through investment in technology enabling real time distribution and in development of KONKA smartphone experience zones in key retail outlets across the country."

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