Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fujitsu selects Wind River for Android testing

ALAMEDA, USA: Wind River announced that Fujitsu Ltd is using Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) to test its next-generation Android smartphones for software quality, performance and compliance. Wind River FAST for Android is a fully automated software testing solution for Android-based devices that facilitates lower testing costs and faster time-to-market for device manufacturers

“Delivering timely innovation and software quality are key differentiators for any Android device manufacturer,” said Jerry Ashford, VP and GM of mobile solutions at Wind River. “By automating the extensive testing process using our commercial-quality test solution, companies can deliver high-quality products in the shortest time frame while adhering to their budgets.”

Wind River FAST is currently in use to test the next generation of Fujitsu smartphones. These devices are planned to be available to the market later this year. Following the successful merger of the mobile phone businesses of Fujitsu Limited and Toshiba Corporation, Fujitsu is now the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in Japan, combining the extensive mobile knowledge and technology of both companies to deliver products and services to meet the needs of demanding consumers worldwide for high-quality Android products.

“Innovative design and features are essential for success, but the work isn’t done there. Consumers expect a consistently high level of software quality for their devices,” said Naoko Yoshizawa, GM of platform development at Fujitsu. “As we prepare to launch our next generation of Android-based smartphones, it is critical to ensure we deliver the highest-quality, reliable device. Wind River has deep Android expertise, and its Wind River FAST solution helps us ensure quality, performance and compliance while meeting highly competitive time-to-market deadlines.”

Wind River FAST for Android helps device manufacturers, silicon vendors and mobile operators deliver a high level of software quality for their Android implementations. Wind River FAST tests devices in the areas of software quality, performance and compliance.

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