Friday, December 24, 2010

Isocore uses Ixia to validate Alcatel-Lucent's service router delivery of media-rich residential services

CALABASAS, USA: Ixia, a leading, global provider of converged IP test systems, was used by Isocore in a successful demonstration of the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router (SR) acting as a broadband network gateway (BNG) for media-rich residential service delivery.

The large-scale test proved that the 7750 SR has the subscriber management, IPv6 support, video quality assurance, and terabit forwarding capabilities required to deliver rich streaming video content necessary for broadband service providers.

To handle new traffic demands, service providers must upgrade their broadband remote access server (BRAS) equipment with next generation edge routers acting as BNGs.

Broadband access functionality is increasingly more important -- and more challenging -- by the volume of bandwidth-hungry video. The imminent exhaustion of IPv4 addresses compounds the issue. The converged BNG is the IP node in a service provider's residential network, and plays a pivotal role in providing subscribers with seamless access to any service on any device as customer demands for low latency and low jitter traffic increase.

Isocore employed Ixia's IxNetwork to emulate and scale stateful subscriber hosts using a variety of residential access technologies, while generating high volumes of wire-rate multi-service IPv4 and IPv6 bi-directional traffic flows. Ixia emulated over 250,000 subscribers with various home residence scenarios.

Granular QoS settings and analysis enabled Isocore to validate video assurance capabilities and user quality of experience. Ixia was able to deliver high volumes of media-rich traffic over extended periods of time -- a critical step in ensuring the test set-up represented real-world field deployments.

Using Ixia's test solutions, Isocore was able to execute its massively scalable test scenarios to meet and exceed real-world deployment conditions, providing assurance to Alcatel-Lucent's customers that the 7750 platform achieves the new IP architecture plans and deployments for residential services delivery. By removing risk, service providers can accelerate their plans and address consumer needs for high-performance video content and applications.

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