Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deltenna's WiBE increases 2Mbps broadband availability in India

BANGALORE, INDIA & CHIPPENHAM, ENGLAND: Deltenna’s WiBE, a device to deliver fast broadband via the 3G mobile network, even in areas of weak 3G signal, is coming to India.

The company has enlisted Bangalore based Entuple Technologies to make the device available across the sub-continent, sold via the country’s 3G mobile network operators.

The WiBE’s maximum throughput is 7.2Mbps and extensive tests have demonstrated a typical download speed of 2.8Mbps in even rural regions.

The home use gadget uses four highly sensitive directional antennas and patented signal isolation algorithms to create a web hotspot. These give it up to five times the range and 30 times the throughput of a 3G USB dongle or MiFi device; meaning 3G broadband coverage is greatly extended.

The device automatically tests every mobile cell in range and determines the fastest available download speed, configuring its aerials to achieve the best possible connection and block any interference.

Users connect laptops, smartphones or VoIP phones to the device via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

Commenting on India’s rapid 3G network rollout Rajesh Agarwal, sales director for Entuple said: “Broadband is starting to take off in India, but fixed line download speeds are still slow, typically 512Kbps. 3G is being rolled out quickly in cities and offers a far greater potential for bringing India online.

“Major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are the first to receive 3G coverage, however a lot of investment is being made and this means even remote villages will have access to the 3G networks within 18 to 24 months.”

Andrew Fox, CEO of Deltenna commented that, in India, “there are just 10 million ADSL lines versus over half a billion cellphones. The new 3G licenses, combined with the WiBE, means people across the country can finally access content such as YouTube, which requires large amounts of bandwidth.”

Deltenna’s WiBE was recently selected to represent the best of British mobile technology innovation at Mobile World Congress and the WiBE will be demonstrated on the UK Trade and Investment’s stand at the world’s largest telecom’s event in February 2011.

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