Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cortado transforms iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones into mobile business workstations

BERLIN, GERMANY: Mobile business expert Cortado announced its new Cortado Corporate Server 5.0, which allows the cross-platform integration of iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones into corporate IT.

The new solution also allows organizations to easily integrate BlS (BlackBerry Internet Service) devices into their IT and includes a new Active Directory search feature, enabling even easier use of network printers.

As more organizations integrate smartphones using diverse operating systems into their corporate IT structure. Cortado Corporate Server 5.0 easily enables integration of these different devices, allowing a quick return on investment.

Thanks to its Virtual Desktop Processes technology, smartphone users now can utilize many desktop features such as accessing network documents, copying and pasting files to other folders, creating PDFs and faxes, and accessing database reports.

Also, an integrated cloud printing system allows users to print documents on any network printer within the organization, or on any printer located on the same network as the smartphone.

Additionally, employees using a BIS account now have access to the IT resources they need. They also can access shared corporate drives, view and manage files and send files via e-mail, as well as print, fax, scan, copy or create a PDF.

Entirely new is the Active Directory search feature for network printers. Users can search from their smartphone for the printer they require in the search mask, choose it and then print. Additionally, Bluetooth printing is also available.

“Google activates some 100,000 Android phones every day. So it’s great news that Cortado Corporate Server is also now available for Android devices. Organizations and users can use a mix of devices with one server, allowing individual user requirements to be met, regardless of what device they use,” said Thorsten Hesse, innovative products manager at ThinPrint and Cortado.

“Our solution allows an even easier and faster return on investment with waiting and traveling times being used more effectively and back-office tasks significantly reduced.”

Cortado Corporate Server 5.0 is available for five users for EUR 795, including Update Service.

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