Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tata Communications launches IP Exchange (IPX) for MNOs

HONOLULU, USA: Tata Communications has launched its IP Exchange (IPX) solution, which will enable the mobile service providers to seamlessly and efficiently route all communication traffic, including voice, IP and signaling solutions, via one IP pipe while supporting end-to-end QoS, security, multilateral connectivity, and cascading payments.

With commoditization of voice and messaging driving down ARPUs, service providers are under increasing pressure to control costs. Moving to an IPX platform provides one IP gateway for many services and this helps mobile operators to protect their margins on roaming and international traffic termination.

As a universal service gateway, IPX also reduces overhead costs on network maintenance and service development as well as helps manage complexity from voice routing, service testing and partnerships. In addition, the network optimization provided by IPX empowers mobile network providers to make the tough migration to the new world of IP connectivity allowing increased bandwidth flexibility, global reach and ensured quality for converged services.

Currently, the interconnection of IP is optimized for public Internet, and service providers are unable to distinguish between voice and data services or guarantee quality connectivity to their end users. Tata Communications IPX creates a flexible ecosystem that allows mobile operators to tap into the company’s global MPLS network as an IP backbone for the secure transport of any form of application and rich media via any access network with varying service quality levels.

“Tata Communications IPX service provides an efficient, cost-effective and future-proof converged IP transport solution for MNOs to help them address their key challenges of protecting margins and growing revenues,” said Christian Michaud, Senior Vice President, Product and Business Development, Global Voice Solutions, Tata Communications. “As the industry moves towards universal service interoperability, IPX will help service providers to optimize profitability and long-term growth by providing one connection for many services.”

Tata Communications is a key member of the IP Interworking Alliance (IPIA), which engages operators and carriers in technical specifications and commercial templates for the IPX with the ultimate goal of facilitating global interworking of IP services.

“End-to-end delivery of innovative multimedia services calls for the efficient inter-working of fixed and mobile networks and the adoption of new business models. The IPX architecture provides a comprehensive commercial and technical solution to the interconnection, management and billing of IP traffic. IPX solutions like those from Tata Communications can help service providers balance their needs to ensure high service quality and to reduce costs,” said David James, Principal Analyst Wholesale Telecoms at Ovum.

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