Thursday, April 8, 2010

MegaFon launches Arbinet’s PrivateExchange for its wholesale business development

NEW YORK, USA: Arbinet Corp., a leading wholesale voice and data telecom service provider, announced that MegaFon, one of the largest Russian mobile telecom operators, has started using Arbinet's PrivateExchange to improve global interconnect efficiencies for its voice termination.

Arbinet's PrivateExchange (PEX) is an outsourcing solution that enables retail service providers and carriers to aggregate multiple voice interconnections into a single TDM or VoIP interconnect with Arbinet.

The carriers still handle rate and volume negotiations with each other, but Arbinet manages routing, billing and settlements and provides any necessary TDM or VoIP protocol conversions. Using PEX to build virtual direct routes to its international correspondent carriers, MegaFon can improve port utilization and network efficiency.

“We are very pleased with MegaFon’s endorsement and utilization of our PrivateExchange service,” states Dan Powdermaker, Arbinet’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“In an industry where many operators are looking for new efficiencies when delivering international voice services to their end-users, Arbinet’s PrivateExchange is a unique, flexible, low cost and easily implemented solution. By using PrivateExchange, MegaFon is optimizing the cost of handling interconnects and will be able to devote more of its resources to retail product evolution, subscriber acquisition and customer service.”

“Arbinet’s PrivateExchange is a part of our action plan for developing MegaFon’s international footprint,” states Konstantin Solodukhin, MegaFon’s Deputy General Director for Fixed Line Business Development and Interconnection.

“It was our strategic decision to focus on interconnection with incumbent carriers and find an integrated solution for the rest of international voice wholesale. Arbinet’s PrivateExchange allows us to use less company resources on handling those interconnections as well as to keep independence in choosing partners for traffic exchange and focus on negotiating better rates and achieving better quality for our customer calls.”

Arbinet offers three ways for carriers and service providers to originate and terminate international voice traffic. PrivateExchange, is an easy to use, low-risk outsourcing approach that enables service providers to create virtual direct routes and aggregate existing interconnects.

thexchange is the industry’s leading marketplace for buying and selling voice communications. Arbinet Carrier Services is a standard wholesale service with no fees, a single invoice and rate lock. It uses supplier codes in its wholesale routing plans.

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