Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kontiki intros end-to-end enterprise video platform

SAN JOSE, USA: Kontiki, the leading provider of enterprise video solutions, announced today the availability of the Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), the only single-source, end-to-end solution for all enterprise video communications needs.

Kontiki is demonstrating its product platform at the Streaming Media West 2009 conference, San José McEnery Convention Center, booth #619.

Video is the most engaging form of communication and can offer businesses a significant competitive advantage, when used appropriately. Many enterprises are already building their enterprise video culture: from top-down CEO live broadcasts, to video on-demand for training, and now increasingly for bottoms-up employee-generated content and consumer-style knowledge sharing and community building.

As video communication evolves within the enterprise from point applications to video everywhere, organizations will hit a tipping point – and will require a ubiquitous video infrastructure with always-on availability to all devices in all locations.

"When it comes to enterprise video deployments, the two biggest needs by customers today are platforms that address the entire video ecosystem and the ability to deploy these platforms via a software as a service (SaaS) model,” said Dan Rayburn, EVP of "Any vendor who can bring to the market a combination of these two offerings, provides a valuable solution to customers.”

Offered “in the cloud” with global deployment in a matter of weeks, and with millions of videos already successfully delivered to enterprise customers, the Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform is the most practical and proven solution for all enterprise video communications needs. Kontiki’s four core integrated platform services include:

Kontiki Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) and infrastructure services
* ECDN “in the cloud” delivers video and other rich media content with no incremental hardware or bandwidth investments and no impact to the existing network traffic; leverages enterprise-class, secure and scalable video delivery with 10 times lower costs than traditional hardware approaches – the only way to practically reach every employee with video.
* Kontiki’s production system “in the cloud” includes complete publishing and syndication, content management and asset storage, video encoding and transcoding services.
* Enterprise-class business and IT reporting; security with access control and single sign-on; centrally managed policy services; and Web APIs for 3rd party integration.

Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) for Live
* Create, schedule and run live video webcasts or broadcasts with integrated video and slides; live audience interaction via Q&A audience participation monitoring in real time; and archiving for later on-demand viewing.
* Events are published into and delivered live over Kontiki’s ECDN for large-scale delivery and high quality.

Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) for On-Demand
* Stream video on-demand to any and all users and groups, also with offline viewing for later use; centrally manage and control; fully redundant.
* Publish and stream over Kontiki’s ECDN

Kontiki VideoCenter
* A consumer-style “YouTube for the Enterprise” portal for employees to publish, create, manage and search video with the engaging social media experience employees have come to expect; features simple discovery via search and channels as well as syndication, ratings and rankings, comments, and tagging; dynamic channel building that fosters communities.
* Enterprise-class security, controls and reporting; syndication to intranet or corporate web site.
* The single video destination and user interface for all enterprise video including live and on-demand as well.

“Video is the single most important communication methods at your disposal -- yet the communication method your network is least likely to support. As a result companies find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place,” said Eric Armstrong, CEO of Kontiki.

“For many companies, video-enabling their network by adding more hardware or bandwidth is not practical and still doesn’t reach beyond headquarters, and many of the most important people in branch or small offices are left out. At the same time, they are looking to harness employees growing interest in sharing their videos and knowledge with an easy to use interface they are already familiar with at home. Kontiki is the only Enterprise Video Platform that delivers a complete integrated system to our customers.”

The complete end-to-end Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform is available immediately through Kontiki’s hosted production system “in the cloud” or via on-premise licensed software.

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